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Gin workshop

We’re offering an exceptionally intimate session hosted by us and our friends at Bathtub Gin where you will be guided through the art of compounding your own gin (which you can take home).

The beginnings of Ableforth’s started back in 2011, when three like-minded people came together to set about creating their own gin.

The original idea was to take inspiration from the past but use the latest scientific understanding and techniques to make a uniquely modern spirit, which was still recognisable to the historical version, complete with distinctive hand-wrapped and hand-waxed bottles. After much experimentation, their combined efforts culminated with the launch of Bathtub Gin.

The true key to Ableforth’s success though was the use of an almost forgotten form of Gin making that uses the simple method of infusion at low temperatures known as compounding.

During this session, you will learn about this process and why it yields a gin that is distinctive not only because of its botanicals but because of its unique production method.

You will get to indulge in a tasting of Bathtub Gin in all its glory, as well as getting an early taste of one of our upcoming cocktails from our next menu.  Most importantly, you’ll be given the opportunity to make your own personal gin to take away with you, using the knowledge of the compounding method you will learn!

Tickets are £20 each or 2 for £30 for our loyalty card holders.

Only a very limited amount of tickets are on offer so get them while you can by calling our reception team on 01227 462138.

This isn’t one to miss, and we look forward to seeing you!