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The staff at the Falstaff are 100% committed to your safety and wellbeing. We have adopted our service in line with recent government guidelines, namely:

  • Last orders in the Bar – is currently 9.30pm, with the Bar closing at 10pm. Hotel residents may continue to enjoy drinks in their room, we would be delighted to bring drinks after this time to your room.
  • Table service – take a seat we will serve you at your table, please do not stand by the Bar. Tables can accommodate up to six guests at any one time.
  • Face masks – please use a mask when entering and moving around the property; they can be removed at the table. Staff will be wearing face masks to serve you.

Enjoy your time with us and help us make sure The Falstaff remains a safe environment for both guests and our staff. For our full COVID-19 policy, please click here.